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Revealed... the Fast Way to Bulk Listing Gear Bubble Products

Tired of Listing GB Product One By One?

Yes, I was. 

It was so boring and time consuming. Moreover, I found myself making mistakes a lot, placing wrong texts, entering wrong images. My wrists got hurt. I hired a VA to do this, but it was still very slow. I tried to search for tools to help me bulk uploading my mug designs to gear bubble but, unfortunately, there's no such tool.

Then, a few months ago, I started to build my own script to help me do this...

"Now I can list more than 120+ items an hour on Gear Bubble with 1 single click"

Are you selling Coffee Mug, Necklace, Bracelet, Shirt/Hoodie, phonecase, All-Over printed shirt, Pillow case, Poster, Leggings, Shot Glass, Travel Mug, Candles on Gear Bubble?

New! Wineglass, Tumbler, 2 tone mugs

GB Bulk Lister can help you list all the products above including any Gear Bubble products in the future.

If you are in the same business as me you’ll know that number of products listed is one of keys to success. The more products you have the more successful you will be.


The Feature Highlights


List Hundreds of Items Per Hour

Fast bulk listing of any Gear Bubble products in one single click.


Support All Gear Bubble Products

No matter what you sell in Gear Bubble. Coffee Mugs, Necklaces, Bracelets, Shirts/Hoodies, Phone cases, All-Over printed shirts, Pillow cases, Posters, Leggings, Shot Glasses or Travel Mugs, we have them supported.

One CSV File is All It Needs

All you have to do is prepare one single CSV file that contains product descriptions in it.

One Time Payment

No recurring payment is required and you’ll get a free script update for any future GB products.

My Secret of Winning the Contest

There was a contest among 5,000 LHS members, who created the most designs would win the contest.

Can you guess who won?

I knew from the beginning that I’d win for sure. Even if others had more designs than me, they would never upload them all in time!

Let's Hear From Other Users


This program was like hiring a team to help my business

Ian Richardson

Running an online business can be difficult at the best of times, especially when there are so many time-consuming tasks to do before you can actually sell something. Over the past 12 months, my business has grown and time has become precious, I was at the point where I was considering hiring some people to help with the more time-consuming tasks, but that caused a dilemma. I'm very focused on providing the best possible products and service and find it difficult to find people to help. Then an answer came to me one day in the form of GBBulkLister. Fortunately, Pon could see similar problems with running this POD business and was a programmer with the answer (well once he designed and created it). Now I am armed with the complete system I needed to save HOURS AND HOURS of time and effort by putting little robots to work for me. Do yourself a favor and grab this so you can gain back some of your precious TIME!


I am gobsmacked how easy this is to work with!

Johanna van de Mortel

For someone who had never worked with imacros before I was actually surprised how easy it was to setup and run this script. I did have to play around with the settings to find the sweet spot for the lisings to be launched on Gearbubble. The default 10 secs was too low. Fortunately Pon was there for me and he suggested to raise the interval. At 25 sec all listings upload perfectly. I suppose after a while the novelty wears of, but for now I can't take my eyes of the screen and watch how this thing weezes away and does this boring work on full autopilot!


I’m so glad I bought GB Bulklister

Lynne Bourgault Spear

I’m so glad I bought GB Bulklister! With it, I’ve been able to load more listings in the last week than ever, and it’s taken much less of my time leaving me more time to tend to other business tasks and enjoy other activities with my family. This was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. The time I’m saving is worth much more than GB Bulklister costs.

While GB Bulklister is a bit technical, Pon has done all the heavy lifting. His instructions are clear and laid out in a step-by-step manner. The various help files include plenty of pictures. Pon’s customer service is top-notch. You won’t regret spending money on such a simple and effective productivity tool.


A Great Timesaver

Erika Kaplan

With a few little tweaks, this tool has been a great timesaver for uploading to GB. Set up was very easy, even for someone with no experience, and I have been able to easily modify the script for my particular images. I recommend this product.


Why didn't I purchase this earlier?! This is GEM!

Serenade C

I used to list hundreds of GB products one by one like uploading the image, resize, title,tags,url. Believe me, this process is seriously very slow, very boring & very, very tiring (not to mention I do the designs myself!). I got demotivated and I listed less and less by time. I'm glad I got introduced GB Bulk Lister by one of the LHS members, I was quite intimidated at first but after following the instruction one by one...hey this stuff rocks! After all setups are done, just the CSV file will make it works like charm! Now I can focus more on making design, keywords etc and start easy listing with GBBulkLister!


Time Saver!

Kim Phoenix

Using iMacros to automate tasks was brand new to me. I had a few issues initially setting things up, but Pon was very patient and answered my questions promptly, allowing me to get everything set up on my own. I am amazed with how quickly I can now upload new designs to Gearbubble and how fast I can download front and back images of my items, simply by setting up a few things and then pressing a button to start the automation process! Thanks for a great product!


Your valuable time just skyrockets with this!

Panagiotis Nikolaou

All POD sellers know that if there's one resource more scarce than money is our time. With Pon's script, your time uploading will cut itself tenfold, as will the tedious "legwork", so you can laser focus on what really matters to your business. This is a must-have product!

Get Instant Access to GB BULK Lister 2.0 Now!

Stop spending time listing. Focus on keyword research and let GB Bulk Lister help you grow your business.

GB Bulk Lister

How GB Bulk Lister Work

GB Bulk is a macro script that runs on the Firefox browser. It’s easy to customize and very easy to use. We have an informative help section to help you set it up in a very short time.



Prepare your product descriptions in a CSV file 

Input the image file path, title, tags, and slug in a CSV file.



1-Click to start listing One click is all it needs



Sit back and relax Watch the script runs or take a break or even work on something else on the same PC.

BONUS No.1 :  How to Outsource 90% of Your Work for a Better Result

I'm going to show you how I outsourced 90% of this project and got a much better result than if I had worked on my own, including where to find them, how much work you should give them and a job posting template.

BONUS No.2 :  35K Mug & Gift keywords with volumn and Amazon search result

Find tons of super low hanging fruit that you can rank on first page of Amazon instantly!

BONUS No.3 :  Auto downloading Adphoto

Add more adphoto to your listing can improve your product ranking. Most people don't use it because it is totally pain in the ... to download.  With this script you can download any adphoto you want for all of your products in one single click.

BONUS No.4 :  Auto Uploading Listing to Amazon, Etsy, eBay (integration required)

Amazon allows you to upload your listing with 5-8 items per hour. That means you have to come back to your PC EVERY HOUR to upload. But with an auto uploading script, one click will upload all listings for you.

BONUS No.5 :  Auto Downloading Front-Back Images

Auto download front - back product's images. Very useful to upload with flatfile.

BONUS No.6 :  Auto Config SKU

If you upload products with flatfile. You have to come back to Gearbubble to configure SKU to each listing to complete integration. How about I'm going to show you how to add SKU to all products with one single click again.

The Best Time to Start Scaling Up Your Business Is Now!

Now you can spend your time on marketing, keyword research and design. Save money on virtual assistant with this one-time payment and let GB Bulk help your grow a business!

GB Bulk Lister




20-Day Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 20 day money backguarantee. Within 20 days, if you have any issues with GB Bulk Lister that I can't help you resolve. Just let me know and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Pon Nattawee

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use both latest Firefox and Firefox ESR 52 on same machine?

I have Mac. Can I still use GB Bulk Lister?

How many items I can list?

Does GBBulkLister support product description?

Does it place the design on both the front and back of the products

How GBBulkLister handle resizing image?

What description do I have to put in CSV file

Where can I download a sample CSV file template?

I want to customize a script? Is this difficult?

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